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how to wear a blanket scarf

The scarf has come a long way from its humble origins to becoming a winter outfit staple. Its origins go back to ancient Egypt , as it is believed that at that time Queen Nefertiti wore a kind of woven scarf under a headdress with jewels. Later, in Ancient Rome, men used similar pieces of linen cloth to wipe off sweat, and throughout history cloaks to denote rank and military rank have existed in many countries . Already in the reign of Queen Victoria in England (1837 – 1901), silk scarves became a symbol of luxury, indicative of wealth.

But it was not until the 20th century that the accessory, as we know it, began its journey as a fashion item. Style icons of the 1950s and 1960s – Brigitte Bardot , Faye Dunaway , Lauren Bacall and Bianca Jagger – wore silk scarves to infuse their looks with spontaneous glamour. When Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956, she even made her own sling out of an Hermès scarf .

Wool or silk, square or triangular , the market offers a wide variety to choose from . Natural raw materials are sturdier and less prone to pilling, while “shopping for vintage bandanas and scarves is a great way to shop for unique colors and prints,” says Lauren Friedman , author and illustrator of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf . . “Also, in vintage stores it’s easier to find affordable scarves in high-quality materials, such as pure silk or wool.”

From the blanket scarf -meme meat- by Lenny Kravitz to the timeless and elegant models of Jackie Kennedy Onassis , the expert in the different ways of wearing scarves and bandanas.

The chosen material is very important when choosing a scarf , and fabrics with wool or cotton are by far the best insulators. As for the shape, “ long scarves are very useful if we are looking for a more forceful look ; it’s a great way to break up the look while drawing the eye from top to bottom,” says Friedman.

the French knot

This style takes time to perfect, but once you know how to do it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

  1. Fold an extra-long scarf in half and wrap around the neck at the nape of the neck.
  2. Take the loose ends and feed them through the loop.
  3. Now take the bottom half of the loop and twist it up.
  4. Place the other end inside the new loop.


Since this style leaves your neck exposed, it is best to wear it on warmer days. It is ideal for showing off woven scarves with vibrant patterns and shades.

  1. Turn up the lapels of your jacket and hang a long scarf around the neck, leaving the loose ends in the front.
  2. Fold the flaps back over the scarf, and adjust it so that it hangs down to your liking.

Large blanket-type scarves are a very versatile wardrobe staple , as they offer a multitude of solutions to our style. “Large, rectangular scarves and bandanas are great for travel ,” says Friedman. “Not only can you use it as a scarf, but in many other ways; as a shawl, a blanket or even a pareo”.

On the shoulder

With an air of carefree, this style oozes cool all around. Take inspiration, for example, from Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen , founders of The Row , who like to add a large scarf or shawl to their monochrome looks in neutral colors such as navy blue or camel. .

  1. Fold a large scarf, scarf, or pashmina behind the neck, extending the fabric over the shoulders.
  2. Throw one end over the opposite shoulder.

for lazy

It is one of the easiest gestures for all those who are new to the art of putting on a scarf, and it is that even the most lazy “have the ability to build a stylish look to give and take”, defends Friedman

  1. It is enough to wrap the scarf around the neck once.

Often – though not exclusively – silk, “scarf squares are great for their versatility because they can be tied in so many ways,” says Friedman. Audrey Hepburn ‘s Holly Golightly framed her face in a silk square in Breakfast at Tiffany ‘s while on Roman Holiday , Ann’s character chooses to wear it around her neck to visit the Italian capital.

In the head

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a big fan of the veil , often covering her slicked-back bob in a variety of styles while vacationing on the Amalfi Coast or strolling through airport halls. She is also very much liked by Queen Elizabeth II, who Alessandro Michele paid tribute to in his Cruise 2017 show for Gucci. show , held at London’s Westminster Abbey, sparking a revival of the style in recent years.

  1. Fold a small square scarf in half diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Place the scarf on your head, with the long part of the fold over your hairline so that the rest of the scarf covers your head.
  3. Tie the corners tightly under the chin.

In the neck

The neckerchief has been reborn in street style in recent seasons . Slide it under shirts and scarves to give your more formal look an interesting twist.

  1. Fold a small square scarf in half diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Starting from the vertex, go making folds (from 5 to 7) until you form a thin and flat piece.
  3. Place the scarf around the neck with a single loop (two if it is very long) and tie it in a strong knot at the neck.
  4. Twist it to give it your style.

It may not be your first choice, but it’s enough to look at queen Kate Moss to see the long reach and rocker edge of a well-placed silk scarf.

Tie knot

For this look, go for a long, super-tight scarf like the ones Kate Moss designed for Rockins .

  1. Wrap a long scarf around the nape of the neck, making sure that one end hangs longer than the other.
  2. Place the long end over the short end and tuck the long under the short.
  3. Bring the long end forward once more, wrapping around the short end.
  4. Wrap the long end behind the short end and pull it through the loop around your neck.
  5. Thread the long end through the front of the knot you’ve tied and adjust the length, pulling the knot down to your throat for a more formal look, or leaving it lower for a more relaxed look.

the half loop

A subtle twist on the tie knot for wider scarves.

  1. Wrap a long scarf around the nape of the neck, letting the ends hang evenly down the front.
  2. Tie a loose knot on one side, about halfway between the neck and the tail.
  3. Pinch the other side of the scarf in the middle, and feed part of it through the other knot to form a half loop.
  4. Tighten the knot you originally tied and adjust the loop to your liking.

how to wear a blanket scarf

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